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Design & UX

Design & UX

Whether you’re an individual needing a single web page for your family genealogy or a mid-sized business seeking to expand your web presence, we can help your site with every important metric:

  • Eye Candy — we make your site look great.
  • Accessibility — we design your site for all visitors — including the sight-impaired, physically challenged, and users stuck with sluggish WiFi.
  • Readability — we edit your copy for the way people read the web.
  • Compatibility — we tweak our code until your site provides a consistent appearance across platforms.
  • Ease of use — your users will find the information they are looking for.
  • Compelling — our designs encourage high conversion rates among your visitors


We build all of our websites with HTML5. Here’s why:

What It Is

HTML5 is a new specification for HTML, the basic programming language used to write web pages. It specifies new elements for web pages and changes how some older elements are recognized by browsers.

What It Does

HTML5 tells browsers, search engines and assistive technology (such as screen readers for the sight-impaired) the intent of page elements. This is different from telling them an element’s meaning. Computers can’t tell the difference between a contact page and a news article, or between an “About Us” page and a list of links to cute kitten videos. HTML5 gives us a way to guide computers.

For example:

  • The ‘<article>‘ element specifies content independent of the content around it that could be syndicated by itself (e.g., an article or blog post)
  • The '<aside>‘ element is specifies content tangential to the main content (e.g., a list of recent or related blog posts)
  • The ‘<nav>‘ element specifies a group of links for navigation, but not to links to resources that support the content (e.g., "Related Posts")
  • The ‘<time>‘ element specifies a date, a time, or both

HTML5 allows search engines and their successors) to better undersand your website, which improves content sharing, curation, and discovery (i.e., it’s good for your users and for your SEO).

Mobile-Ready Designs

All of our sites are built with responsive design, so they’ll look good on your desktop, tablet, or the latest Android® or Apple® phone. And it doesn’t stop there: responsive design encourages better coding, which can lead to better accessibility and improved SEO. In fact, starting , Google® will start penalizing non-mobile-friendly sites in its search rankings.

Let us design your new site, or redesign your existing site!

  • Personal web site
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Any sized business
  • E-commerce site
  • Non-profit organization
  • … and more

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Content Management

Content Management

The majority of our website development is with WordPress, a feature-rich, easy-to-use content management system used by everyone from hobbyists to universities to multi-national corporations. Released as a blogging platform , WordPress has grown into a huge ecosystem of designs, with thousands of plugins available to extend and customize your site, whether you’re a blogger, a musician, a real estate agency, or a Fortune 500 company.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress powers almost 25% of the internet. With thousands of open-source developers working to improve and extend it, WordPress is constantly advancing and expanding its capabilities.

Key Features

  • Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to manage
  • Customizable & extensible
  • Thousands of custom themes & plugins
  • Search engine friendly
  • Highly secure
It’s Also Safe and Secure

Security is baked into WordPress’s core. WordPress also features a robust reporting system to quickly catch and patch any potential holes. With a gigantic pool of talented developers constantly debugging it, WordPress offers some of the best security of any popular content manager.*



Selling a product or service online? WooCommerce has been downloaded over a million times & continues to be the world’s fast-growing, most comprehensive e-commerce plugin. We build all of our e-commerce sites with WooCommerce. Here are just a few reasons why:

WooCommerce powers almost ¼ of the world’s e-commerce.

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We offer basic web site hosting at competitive prices.

  • Month-to-month hosting
  • Discounted annual rates
  • Transfer of existing sites to our servers


Standard annual hosting includes:

  • 100 Mb server space
  • 1.5 Gb data transfer/mo.
  • Free mail boxes with web-mail, pop3 and smtp
    • Get mail from webmail or in your favorite mail client, e.g., Outlook, Appple Mail, or Thunderbird
  • Annual domain name registration available at cost, plus administrative fee
    • Admin fee for .com and .net domains $3.25/yr.
    • Admin fee for .org domains $7.50/yr.


  • $239.40 ($19.95/mo.) annual hosting
    • Annual fees are pro-rated in full month increments based on start date — if your hosting starts in October, your first contract is for 3 months only
  • $29.95 month-to-month hosting
    • Monthly hosting fees due 7 days before hosting period start
    • Credit card required for month-to-month hosting
  • Excess storage $2.00 per Mb/mo. (annual plan) or $3.00 per Mb/mo. (month-to-month)
  • Excess bandwidth usage 10¢ per Mb/mo. (annual plan) or 12.5¢ per Mb/mo. (month-to-month)
  • Rates are subject to change

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Let’s face it. you probably have better things to do than update your website. Things like dealing with customers, or managing employees, or talking to your accountant. That’s where we can help. Our thorough, fast service let’s you and your staff get back to what counts —  running your business! See the plans »

  • No need to train staff — leave it to the an experienced professional
  • Fast Turnaround — most requests completed same day
  • Cost-Effective — up-to-date websites make more money
  • Professional copy-writing & editing maintains your site’s quality

How does it work?

Whenever your website content needs freshening up, you just send us your rough copy and images and we do the rest:

  • Copy-edit customer-supplied material, optimizing it for the web
  • Prepare & upload images
  • Create new links & pages
  • Test each edit
  • E-Mail communication during business hours
  • Monthly, detailed invoicing


We offer pay-as-you-go or discounted monthly plans.


Pre-Paid Monthly Plans

3 month initial contract required; converts to monthly contract on 4th month.

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  • Product changes & additions
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add photos, graphics, graphs & charts
  • Write or copy-edit text
  • Freshen homepage for return customers

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Our clients range from small non-profits to NYSE-listed corporations. Here are a few of our recent projects: